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Please bring your own mats, WATER BOTTLES, & gear YOU MAY NEED DURING YOUR SESSION.

Yoga & Sound Healing

by Lena Armstrong-Strober




6:00 pm

8:00 pm

Yoga and Sound Healing brought to you by Lena Armstrong-Strober RYT (500
hours plus 20 years teaching experience) and certified sound healer in conjunction with Electric Playhouse.

Enjoy an hour of yoga/mindful movement to center and prepare the body for deep relaxation. Followed by a 30 minute sound bath to cleanse, nourish and recalibrate down to a cellular level.

Never practiced yoga?  No worries, this class is designed with you in mind. We will focus on stretching and subtle movements along with the breathe in order to clear stuck energy and make way for optimal energy flow.

Never attended a sound healing?  You're in luck!  This particular one is going to be amazing!! All you need to do is find the most comfortable position and relax then you can either watch the amazing visuals surrounding you, close your eyes to listen to the bowls or alternate between the two. Either way, the crystal singing bowls will work their magic.

We have built in an extra 30 minutes of wind down in the space to allow for extra relaxation or slow reentering to the world around you.

Cost: $40 

First 5 people to sign up get a free lavender eye pillow.
Extra lavender eye pillows will be available on sight for purchase.

Space is limited so don't miss out on this opportunity.

I look forward to seeing you at Electric Playhouse.

Lena Armstrong-Strober

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