Biomorphia for Education

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About the Exhibition

What is Biomorphia?

Biomorphia is an immersive, art-based interactive project created jointly by New Mexico artist Lea Anderson and an innovative team of Electric Playhouse Artistic Coding Collaborators. This enriching and fun art experience is inspiring for students of all ages! 

‍Why Choose Biomorphia for Your Next School Field Trip?

Ignite curiosity across multiple disciplines with this captivating exhibit. Propel your Art and Science courses to the next level with Biomorphia. Students will immerse themselves in art appreciation, explore digital art and design concepts and take inspiration from patterns in the natural world.

A Day at Biomorphia

What to Expect:

Students will explore our digital wonderland and discover immersive art at every turn that responds to their movements in this self-guided experience.

Hands-On Creativity: 

After being inspired by intriguing Biomorphia visuals, students will have the freedom to unleash their creativity by making their own colorful drawings. Don't worry about materials—we've got that covered!


1.5-2.5 hours depending on group size and package.

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Anderson says, “My work draws on a paradox: while all things are made from the same elements, each individual organism is still completely unique. I hope Biomorphia will inspire your artistic imagination as well as a heightened appreciation of the natural world, the miracle of life on our planet, and the infinite diversity and preciousness of living organisms.”
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About the

Artist Lea Anderson

Lea Anderson, a San Diego native, has lived and worked in New Mexico since 2003 and has discovered much during her adventures in the dramatic, colorful, and wild desert environment.

Often working in multiples and accumulations, each installation piece or body of work cultivates forms and patterns that suggest complex biological characteristics, and can be compared to botanical material, fungi, ocean life, or microbes. Repetitive patterns interweave with unique and irregular components, creating a dynamic interplay that echoes living systems.

Anderson has exhibited throughout New Mexico and the USA, as well as internationally in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2015, Anderson was invited to create a monumental, digitally-produced installation piece for the Atrium windows of the Albuquerque Museum as their Summer Artist-in-Residence. She received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of New Mexico.

Currently, Anderson is exploring her “biomorphic” artwork in many different forms, including full-room installations, sculpture, mixed media drawings, laser cutting, and immersive collaborations with Electric Playhouse.